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According to Princeton Review, the two biggest reasons why students struggle with the MCAT are lack of time to study along with too much information to memorize. Therefore, the company’s main philosophy when it comes to the MCAT is to help students achieve maximum results while also prioritizing efficient use of time. Princeton Review has created its curriculum to place an emphasis on thorough understanding of the material that the MCAT tests, as opposed to mindless memorization.

What’s Offered

Princeton Review offers a variety of MCAT resources to help students succeed. The company offers four different course options, along with private tutoring, admissions counseling, and other resources that students may decide to utilize, depending on their specific needs.


MCAT 515+ Summer Immersion

The summer immersion course provides 6 weeks of instruction, and is designed with all the right resources to guarantee you a score of 515 or higher (92nd percentile). This course is available in both online as well as in person formats.

In person courses are offered throughout the summer months at various colleges and universities across the United States. Regardless of which location you choose, each boot camp includes the following:

  • 370 hours of live instruction
  • 16 full-length tests and all AAMC practice materials and adaptive tools
  • Over 500 MCAT content lessons
  • 11 MCAT books

If you choose this boot camp on campus, you will also have the option to pay for dorming on the campus where your course is taking place. Prices for this option currently start at $9,429. See the website for updates on locations, dates and pricing.

The MCAT LiveOnline format offers online classes in real time on all topics and concepts that will be covered on the MCAT. This option also comes with a 1:1 Personalized Study Manager, who will work with you throughout the duration of the course to ensure that your weaknesses are being properly addressed and that you are staying on track. The Summer Immersion LiveOnline course includes the following:

  • 860+ hours of instruction and practice in addition to the 195 hours of live MCAT instruction, all by Princeton Review MCAT experts
  • 24/7 tutoring and MCAT office hours
  • 16 full-length tests and all AAMC practice materials and adaptive tools
  • Over 500 MCAT content lessons
  • 11 MCAT books

The MCAT 515+ Summer Immersion LiveOnline is currently priced starting at $6,349

MCAT 513+ (Most Popular)

The MCAT 513+ course is labeled as the most popular course offered by Princeton Review for MCAT prep. It is available online as well as in person. The Princeton Review website highlights the various start and end dates offered for the course in upcoming months as well as days of the week that it runs. Each session in the course, regardless of format, is 3 hours in duration. The course specifically guarantees at least a 10 point score increase or a 513+ score, and has a refund rate of less than 2% under the guarantee.

In addition to 123 hours of course instruction, the 513+ course also comes with a 1:1 Expert Study Manager. Two other special offerings that come with this package are the MCAT Topic Focus and access to Medical School Admissions Advantage Sessions. The MCAT Topic Focus is 12 sessions which are meant specifically to tackle your areas of weakness, while the Admissions Advantage Sessions provide students with guidance on what admissions committees are looking for and how to make yourself a competitive applicant.

The course also includes the following:

  • 4-6 subject-matter experts
  • 500+ MedFlix videos
  • 16 full-length practice tests
  • All AAMC materials, including newly released materials from October 2019
  • Thousands of practice questions
  • 11 MCAT books
  • Interactive score reports

The MCAT 510+ is currently priced starting at $3,149.


Princeton Review’s Self-Paced MCAT prep is ideal for students who want to study at their own pace and on their own time. It is only offered online.

The Self-Paced prep includes the following:

  • 500+ MedFlix videos covering all MCAT content
  • Thousands of practice questions with detailed explanations
  • 16 full-length online practice tests with detailed score reports
  • All AAMC material
  • 10 MCAT books → 3 exclusive to students, 7 subject-specific
  • Med School Advantage sessions

This option is currently priced at $1,549 and comes with the Princeton Review Guarantee.

Private Tutoring

Private tutoring is the most customized MCAT prep option that Princeton Review offers. With this option, you work alongside an expert tutor who will help you come up with a personalized study plan and work with you to help you succeed. Private tutoring is available both in person as well as online. There are two different private tutoring packages offered, each highlighted below:

MCAT Targeted

  • $329/hour
  • 11 Princeton Review books – $299 fee
  • Custom student dashboard (for communication, scheduling and progress) – $1,000 fee
  • 10 hours of tutoring
  • Access to Medical School Admissions Advantage Sessions

MCAT Comprehensive

  • $183/hour
  • 11 Princeton Review books – included
  • Custom student dashboard (for communication, scheduling and progress) – included
  • 60 hours of tutoring
  • Princeton Review Guarantee

Private tutoring is currently priced starting at $2,000 for Targeted tutoring and $11,000 for Comprehensive tutoring, regardless of online or in person format.

Comprehensive Admission Counseling Program

Princeton Review also offers students the ability to work with a medical school admissions guidance team to help them adequately prepare for the admissions process in its entirety. Each student is assigned a coach who will help to determine his or her current level of competitiveness in terms of your GPA, MCAT score, academic record and experience, and work with them on the areas that need improving. Coaches will help students to decide which schools and programs to apply to based on their ability and interests. This option includes a detailed three-session writing course to help you polish your personal statement and experiences. When it comes time to prepare for interviews, the Counseling Program gives you access to key resources as well as coaching sessions with a medical professional.

This option is currently priced at $3,700.

MCAT Topic Focus

MCAT Topic Focus is group practice led by expert MCAT instructors. There are 12+ sessions each week that specifically address areas of weakness and allow you to get your most difficult questions answered and explained. This option is comprised of 1-hour subject specific sessions based on the questions you have, along with 1.5 hour topic-specific questions that also come with guided practice and answer explanations.

If you choose to enroll in the MCAT Ultimate with 510+ Guarantee, you will also have access to Topic Focus, which includes 15 full-length online practice tests, all AAMC material and thousands of online practice questions and explanations.

MCAT Topic Focus is currently priced at $1399.

CARS Accelerator

The final option for MCAT prep offered by Princeton Review is CARS Accelerator, which is meant specifically to help students improve on reading comprehension. Courses are offered online only – see the Princeton Review for specific dates and times.

This option is currently priced at $1099.

Contact Info

Click here to schedule a consultation with a Princeton Review MCAT enrollment advisor. Additionally, you can call 1-800-333-0369 to speak to an advisor or visit Princeton Review to enroll in courses directly.

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Reviews Statistic

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