Quick FAQs

Is the MCAT Right For Me?

You are eligible to take the MCAT exam if you are planning to apply to a health professions school, which includes the following paths:

  • O. granting programs
  • D. granting programs
  • V.M. (Veterinary medicine)
  • P.M (Podiatric)
  • Another health-related program that uses MCAT results as test scores

Am I eligible to take the MCAT?

The AAMC states that it is generally uncommon for US medical school programs to accept international students. However, international students do not have to meet any extra eligibility requirements in order to take the MCAT. The exam is offered in certain international locations in addition to the various locations across the US. See the AAMC website here to find more details on where to take the MCAT abroad.

What types of exam accommodations are available?

A few of the commonly requested accommodations for the MCAT are extra time (extended time, extended breaks), food and drink in the testing room, separate testing, and pregnancy-related situations. If you feel that you may require an adjustment to the standard testing conditions, you can apply for accommodations through the AAMC here. When you submit your request for accommodations, you must provide documentation indicating the condition you have and why it impacts your ableness to complete the MCAT under normal test conditions.

How long does it take to receive MCAT scores?

You should expect to receive your score within 30-35 days after taking the exam. This link provides details on scheduling deadlines and score release dates for each exam. On score release dates, scores will be released by 5pm EST. According to the AAMC, the reason why it takes up to 35 days to receive your score is because they must “scale and equate” each exam to account for potentially slight differences in difficulty across the various exams.